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  • T-Minus Final Payment Countdown 6.0

    T-Minus final Payment countdown Clock T-Minus final Payment countdown Clock. Do you look forward to the last payment on your mortgage, car or student loan? Now you can count down the remaining time. Play our applause
  • Final Countdown 1.7

    final countdown is a cocoa application that gives you the possibility to start as many timers as you like. A timer can be a standard countdown for a user-defined number of days-hours-minutes-seconds or a countdown to a
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Countdown 1

    The purpose of this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows countdown 1 widget is to countdown the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the final Harry Potter Book is
  • Rent Movie Countdown 1.1

    A countdown to the release of the Rent movie on November 23, 2005. Modified from John Lee's Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire
  • Auto Countdown 1.0

    Auto countdown 1.0 provides a comprehensive tool that generates a countdown for your Web page. This is great for launches or special limited sales/offers you have for your clients. When a person goes to your Web site,
  • countDownTimer 1.0

    countdown is a simple standalone countdown Timer that provides visual and auditory cues regarding the timer's status. Timers are often used in classrooms to limit activities, to aid students with transitioning from one
  • 3D New Years Count Down 1.0

    This 3D Christmas countdown Live Wallpaper has a Christmas Scene with a Christmas countdown in a snowfall of lights. See a Christmas tree with lights and an awesome flashing lights program. This 3D Christmas Live
  • TimeUntil Screensaver Maker 2.0

    Create and distribute countdown screensavers, countdown clocks and slide shows that can countdown and then count from the event forward. Include images, messages, sounds, music, reminders and text effects. Distribution
  • Janus PowerPoint Countdown Timer 1.2.0

    A timer designed for PowerPoint slideshow countdown. A timer designed for PowerPoint slideshow countdown. Janusec countdown Timer is a professional countdown timer created to enable you to keep track of time for your
  • TimeUntil Digital Clock Generator 2.0

    Create and distribute digital clocks with countdown, countdown screensavers, and slide shows that can countdown and then count from the event forward. Include images, messages, sounds, music, reminders and text effects.
  • CGM DVE Vol.3+ 1.5.2

    The 'CGM DVE Vol.3+' is a set of 62 filters, transitions and generators for use in final Cut Pro and final Cut ExPress. In addition to the professional plug-ins the package also includes a series of final Cut Pro
  • FCS Countdown 2.0

    Waiting, it's a FACT of life. Whether you're cooking or waiting for a train, you don't want to miss your DeadLine. countdown helps you keep track of these deadlines. All you do is enter how long you want to wait or
  • BlingClock - The Visual Countdown Timer 2.08

    The ultimate visual countdown timer. Find out why thousands use BlingClock every day. This timer is not only great for presentations but also as a personal timer to stay focused. For example: "Does everything you need it
  • JP Timer 1.2

    This small project came out as a result of my practices of learning C++/CLI and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Therefore, it is written in Pure C++/CLI. JP Timer is a free small, neat and easy-to-use countdown Timer
  • TDF ATV Counter 1.2

    final countdown for repurchase of ANTALIS-TV (France) by TDF (France). Both are working in DVB-T broadcasting
  • Big Visible Countdown 0.1

    Big Visible countdown is a large countdown Timer that can be used for meetings, facilitated activities, or games. Big Visible countdown allows you to change the countdown time to a scale between 1 second and 15
  • Snow Globe Countdown 1.0

    countdown Days till Christmas by Snow Globe with different skins, music and font. This free Christmas countdown clock sits and works from your system tray itself. Apart from showing countdown till Christmas, it can also
  • T-Minus Reminder Countdown 6.0

    T-Minus Reminder countdown T-Minus Reminder countdown. Do you need to be reminded of something? Whether it's picking-up the kids from soccer, taking the cake out of the oven, or anything else, you can set the
  • Camp Rock: The Final Jam 1.0

    Camp Rock: The final Jam is a musical adventure game that will take players on a fun-filled journey through story events based on the upcoming Disney Channel Original movie, "Camp Rock 2 The final Jam." Fans will immerse
  • Final Draft 8.0.1

    You have a story to tell. Use final Draft to write it. Use your creative energy to focus on the content; let final Draft take care of the style. final Draft is the number-one selling application specifically designed for
  • Countdown Pro 2.0

    countdown Pro is an extremely flexible timer/reminder for your desktop. It comes with a screensaver that can be designed freely. Design your own countdowns, make standalone applications and give them to your friends
  • MP3 Pizza Timer 2.4.1

    The esay to use countdown MP3 Pizza Timer is used for reminding purposes by counting down and playing your specified music. It is very easy to use as well as you can use it for making pizza and tea. You can just have to
  • Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Countdown 1.1

    A basic countdown to the release of the next Harry Potter
  • T-Minus Weekend Countdown 6.0

    T-Minus Weekend countdown Clock T-Minus Weekend countdown Clock. How much time is left until Friday at 5 pm? Now you can do a Weekend countdown! You can play our "cheer". Your anticipation will build as you count down
  • Countdown ScreenSaver 3.0

    This ScreenSaver can be used to countdown from any future time period. This ScreenSaver can be used to countdown from any future time period. It will display the years, months and days left to reach the target date
  • Doom Movie 1

    A countdown to the theatrical release of the Doom movie by Universal
  • Silent Hill movie countdown 3.0

    A countdown to the release of the Silent Hill movie on April
  • Jabirnets Countdown 2.0

    countdown is an application that will allow you to determine the elapsed time for a given event. You can either allow the clock to count up to determine how long any given activity has took or Count Down and alert you
  • PhanTim3

    PhanTim3 is a fully customizable and skinnable countdown timer. It can stick on your desktop and count down to any arbitrary date or special event; for example, movie and DVD releases. Main features: - countdown to
  • CountDown 8.01

    countdown has 4 different individual timers that counts the time down for your specified task, then displays a message and sounds an alarm (WAV file). Included is a countdown timer (can also run like a stop-watch), a